Save on Parts and Accessories

Up to 15% Off
Wiper blades or inserts - 10% off Air or Cabin Filters - 15% off Timing Belts & Water Pumps - 15% off Brake Pads (front or rear) - 10% off All Accessories - 15%

Power Steering Fluid Service

Special Price $128.95
Can prevent power steering pump and rack premature failure!

Cooling System Exchange

Special Price $169.95
Great service for vehicles with heater core and/or radiator circulation issue, an alternate option to replacing heater cores and radiators. This service completely exchanges all of the anti-freeze/coolant, cleans the internal passage ways of the system, and installs fresh, clean coolant, and ‘burps’ air pockets.
Price Acura Special

Oil & Filter Change

Up to 5 Quarts
Price Acura Special

Tire Rotation

Rotate Your Tires Every 5,000 Miles for Optimal Wear

Wild Card Savings

Save on vehicle service (including parts and labor
$10 OFF
$15 OFF
$150 + or More
$20 OFF
Price Acura Special

Four Wheel Alignment

Alignments are crucial to ensuring that you get the longest life out of your tires.

Remote Start Specials

CompTech Remote Start System
$299.95 or $349.95
for Honda installed with two remotes! $299.95 Key Start $349.95 Push Button Start

Battery Special

with 100-Month Limited Warranty
$109.95 Installed
Great warranty with a Acura Genuine battery! Our 100-month limited warranty provides: • Full coverage for the first 36 months • Prorated coverage for remainder of warranty period • Does not include H6 / AGM Gel Batteries
Price Honda Special

Transmission Service

With Fluid Indicator
Special Price $219.95
For automatic transmissions with dipsticks, not for CVT transmissions. This service completely exchanges all 12 quarts of the transmission and torque converter fluid with new fluid. Great service to recommend on vehicles with torque converter shudder issues.

Parts and Accessories Special

Save on Acura Parts and Accessories
Save up to 15% Off!
10% off Genuine Acura Brake Pads (front or rear) 10% off Genuine Acura wiper inserts OR blades 10% off all Genuine Acura Timing Belts & Water Pumps 10% off all Genuine Acura Accessories 10% off Air Filters or Cabin Filters
Price Honda Special

Fuel Induction Service

Special Price $169.95
Fuel Induction Service Three step process: 1. Fuel conditioner added to the fuel tank (close to or full tank recommended) 2. Add combustion chamber and carbon cleaner foam to the intake (thru a vacuum line) to discharge carbon from the valves, pistons, and combustion chambers. 3. Clean throttle plate and throttle port with throttle body cleaner. In engines with heavy carbon deposits, this service will result in improved performance and fuel mileage.

Headlight Restoration

Restore those cloudy headlights
$50.00 A Pair