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Should I Lease or Buy a New Car? Price Acura Helps Dover Area Drivers Decide

You know that a new Acura is the right vehicle for you, but you aren't sure which path to ownership suits your needs. The buy-vs-lease debate is a subjective one, contingent on many personal circumstances that we at Price Acura can help you factor into your decision. However, there are a few overarching benefits to both investing in an Acura lease or auto loan in Dover. Listed below are a few for your consideration:

Benefits of BuyingBenefits of Leasing
No burden of monthly payments when bought outright Little to no money down
Auto Loans build equity Small monthly payments
Monthly payments only last until you've paid off the price and interest Initial money saved can be used to invest in a more expensive model
Free to sell or trade your vehicle as the owner Possible tax deduction for businedd owners
No mile stipulations and Modify and accessorize as you want Lease-end options, such as trading in current lease for the latest model or simply returning your leased vehicle to our Acura lease return center in Dover.


Explore Your Acura Lease & Auto Loan Options in Delaware

Price Acura proudly serves the Lewes, Milford and Milton area - with leases and loan. We make it easier to invest in your dream vehicle by providing an online finance application for instant, credit pre-approval . This means you can start the lease or loan process from the comfort of home. Imagine the elimination of paperwork typically completed at the dealership.

For more information on Acura leasing in Dover, please contact our staff at (302)-734-1000.

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